Complete Foundation Inspection and Other New Home Inspection Services

When it comes to full-service new home inspection, turn to Fry Home Inspection in Houston, Texas. We perform thorough foundation inspection to ensure that the construction of your home complies with building codes.

Phase Inspection

You may be surprised to know that the state of Texas does not have licensing requirements for home builders. A phase inspection can give you the peace of mind that the correct components and materials are being used and is being built according to the architectural plans.

Prepour Inspection

Prepour Inspection ensures that all tendons and steel have been installed per plans. We also check for proper beam depth and width. We can ensure that the vapor barrier and plumbing penetrations have been installed properly. After the concrete is poured all of these potential issues will have been hidden.

Frame Inspections

A Frame Inspection is done when the home is dried in which means all major components have been installed including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, windows, and etc. This inspection is important because many defects can been hidden after the installation and Sheetrock has been installed.

Final Inspections

The final inspection is done prior to closing and all appliances have been installed. This is a TREC compliant inspection.


Draw advantages from our honest and affordable services. We pride ourselves in having International Code Councilâ„¢ and Post-Tensioning certifications. The rates of our home inspection services vary based on the size of the house. Call us today for a quote.

Contact us in Houston, Texas, for comprehensive foundation inspection and other new home inspection services.

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